What if I was awake

What if I was asleep

Dipping down so deep



Feeling so great

Everything makes

Sense to me

When all the clouds come crashing down

When the sky splits open

The world is broken

Every soul is woken

Up, up, up!

To the heavens

Wallahi I didn’t even understand


The mountains mirages

The ground is shaken

I have no thoughts I am thinking

Some to run for nothing


Life is gone

Run to Allah

What was left is done



Hope to a nation

Every person queen or king

Crowned in Allah’s view

By holy deeds

And spotless hearts

A solid creed

Removed those weeds

Sowed some seeds


Now I won’t flee

I have some time

Perhaps none at all

My next breath of life may be all

But with this one

I say, “my friend, repent,”

The past is a dent

Your present is a towering structure

This is our juncture

So let’s not count the days

But count healthy stays

And choose better ways.


I’m living now,

I’m awake alright,

A flame won’t incite,

Just a change, with Quran to recite.