Taming the Inner Lion

“You can’t tame a lion while it’s still in its cage.”

When I applied to my dream workplace, it was really only to remind myself that no matter what my blood work says, no matter what they see on the MRI, or whether they tell me I’ll never be without doctors and scans and pills and constant f, I’m still qualified, disciplined and capable. I’m not sure I even believed I’d get a call back at the time (I did). Even if I can’t do it, or contribute to the extent that I’d like, I still own the gifts I’ve been given. I still have what it takes to use them to some benefit.

It’s been 8 long years of saying “eventually, I will”, and right when the world is stopping for a while, here I am. I’m still sick. That’s true. But it’s no longer holding me hostage.

I can’t transcend my limits until I live as if that’s what God created me for, as if I already have.

I have to live as though I constantly am on the cusp of something absolutely wonderful. The world is round, so we mostly don’t know beyond instinct and sheer faith when or how things will get better.

It’s going to be an exceptional Ramadan, sisters, even if there’s a certain someone trying to steal this moment from you because he wasted his at the beginning of time.

It’s going to be a wonderful life because you’re about to start living like it’s already here.

Ultimately, Allah holds the reins.
You can either fight the direction He steers you in, or gallop into the sunset no matter the weather.

You are a lioness.
But you can’t discipline yourself from inside a cage. You need to step out into the real world and discover new territory.

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