There is Prosperity in Sincere Scarcity

It’s cliché, and that’s because it’s repeated often. And it’s repeated often, in my view, because it is very true. You don’t know submission to the will of Allah until you don’t know where your next meal will come from, wonder how you will afford to wash your clothes, or feel blessed just to have any after being thrown out of your own home for converting to Islam. You just don’t. And not specifically that situation. It’s when you don’t know if you’ll ever pay off your debt, and somehow, someday, like a miracle (and it is a miracle) you are saved by a generous person or forgiveness, an unexpected job offer or even your budget somehow leaving more than enough money. It’s barakah. It’s love of Allah. It’s for you, and that specific is just for you in that moment of relief.

As more privileged people – and we are privileged if you are wealthy enough to have an internet connection – we think our money, name, and contacts are things we created out of our own sheer will, that we willed our money and name into existence by ‘earning’ it and gained contacts because of our ‘choice’ to ‘be’ confident. But how many people do the same thing, make even more effort, and don’t win in those areas? Do you say to them that they have no willpower? As someone who has existed in many levels of financial and social status, living in different countries, it’s easy for me to explain that it doesn’t matter how rich or poor, or supported and popular you are, divorces happen, people lose their jobs, people lose and regain stability. The world can be a sad place from the crooked lens. But here’s the hope.

There are experiences that teach you more than a book ever will. One of the most profound is loss. When you have basically everything life has to offer, and lose that, it is devastating but if you are taught well, you might find it humbling. You don’t know everything about the world, so have the humility of at least knowing that and respect wisdom from experience. Respect your own wisdom and don’t belittle the value of your life lessons.

Loss means that suddenly it’s not about who might have your credit card information when you lose your phone without a pass-code on it. It becomes about when your mother’s last breath will be, a worry that turns to gripping terror if you are not careful with how you share this feeling with Allah.

You’re always sharing these feelings with Him, even if you’re not thinking about it. Because no one else shares the deepest recesses of your thoughts. It’s just Him. And you. No one else. Treasure this. It’s beautiful and it truly means more than everything in the Earth all the way up to Heaven. It is the most intimate and private relationship you have and if you don’t hold it in high regard, you might miss out on the best life anyone can have. You might miss out on the right path to Jannah, Paradise, Allah Naa Karein. May Allah protect us.

Loss is a wonderful thing, truly. It can bring you home. To the home within, and it shows you a side of yourself you had never known before. You become resourceful, observant and you become resilient. You pick up new skills faster, and more of them, out of desperation and it makes you a better human being. I don’t know of anyone who went through a calamity and did their best, that was happier than someone who had was financially prosperous and had never had to learn that lesson. You only see miracles when you realize how desperately you are in need of Allah’s Mercy, and how He is constantly giving it to you without you having to feel a thought come about.

My Lord, for whatever you good you send down to me, I am in dire need of every atom. Alhamdulillah.

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