Don’t Save Them

When you are afraid. Don’t do it.

When it is hard. Don’t push yourself.

When someone says you’re good enough and it feels like a lie, choose not to believe them.

You’ve got it wrong, O person of positivity. You think you do your friends a favour by not making a scene, or by laughing at yourself when you are really insecure. But you’re not doing yourself any favours, and certainly not to your book of deeds.

At least, not if you’re doing these things for a reason outside of the realm of doing it because it is inherently good. Okay, maybe you don’t yet have the advancement to be able really feel it when you say it’s for Allah’s pleasure and hope for His reward. You must persist with the good that you do, but make gentle efforts to remember what the reasons why should be. Plus, you’re not obligated to attend every invitation to be a peacemaker, to go the extra mile or to come up with a new invention. Do what’s mandatory, then bring to yourself that thought of being extraordinary. Those who fail to excel at the ordinary will surely fail to excel in their sincerity at the extraordinary focus they choose; unless they live in extremes, in which case they will rarely sustain it for very long or be emotionally well. In fact, such polarized people may never reach adequate satisfaction with their lives.

You are a human being, with feelings, experiences, relationships along with opportunities and resources that comprise your world. You have your own inner world that extends into your interaction with every person, place and piece your life touches. Your life means you. You choose. I invite you to choose yourself now. It will make it easier in the long run to be able to know yourself and what it is you want; which will in turn help you to be of use to others. That is the most desirable question — what do I want? And yet we constantly chase:

“What do others expect me to look like?”

“To feel, to know, to react to?”

“How would they want me to react?”

Perhaps you smile at a present given with love and pride only out of duty to not hurt their feelings, while in reality you despise it and are fuming inside, or simply dislike what you are given. Would it not be easier instead, to automatically smile just because you’re overjoyed – oh but, genuinely – that in this busy, frantic, fast life, he took out 10 minutes to wrap it, 5 dollars to buy the wrapping paper, ribbon and gift bag and before that, spent hours scouring expensive websites for a quality, sturdy watch he could afford to gift? Just picturing that compliment and show of love is large enough alone for you to accept it graciously and allow this beautiful person who made themselves vulnerable to you with this display of affection into your life. You see, there is no shortage of good reasons to return good with compassion, more good and kindness. It’s a matter of being introspective, of being insightful, of being decent. It’s entirely possible for a willing heart.

This heart, is a heart willing to love and to change, willing to attend a world for happiness, to not spend time with the glum folk who will only tear them down either by regular, critical association or by contempt. They have been touched by hardship. In fact, we all have. But in between the blaring silence and, frightening noises, the grime and the dirt, the ice and the burning sun, they constantly search for moments of quiet, of purity, of warmth and coolness and because they try, they are successful. Those moments then seep into the ones in which they are tried with fear, difficulty and insecurity later on and provides resilience. That is a great strength that will help you to activate sincerity. If you choose a way to be a person of positivity, try being a tree and being rooted in ground fertile with kindness, loyalty, courage and chivalry, too.

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