The Old New Iman (Faith)

Thought I could never get here

My soul, it was always near

Never told it, “Please hear,

the words, clear

I have love.”


Allah gave me inner home,

This time I’ve been sharing alone

–Alone time with Him I find

Is so dear and so sublime

I found what I needed all along.


Told myself these lies

Repeat what they all repeat

I think it’s time to rewind and delete

Start fresh and find my own sweet


Faith it

Exists, quiet, settled peace

I’d never understand

Until inside my hands I finally had

Hands reaching for my phone

Then thought better of them drones in my head.


Like the leaves in the wind flutter,

My words never come in stutters

When I’m conversing with Him.

Feel the winter warm my body’s every limb.


And even on those lonesome days,

The times when I am tracing solo ways,

I find that I am calm

I never feel alarmed

Steady in my pace

Never stuck in a place.

Found love inside a hurricane,

These skies will turn real blue,

I’m finally feeling true,

I think I look downright brand new.

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