For the Newbie Awakened Hearts

Loving Advice

Your faith is not to flaunt. It’s very common that when a person is gifted with an interest in reviving their faith, whether they had a low period, or were not raised to be religious, to fall into that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being enthusiastic; it’s a blessing, in fact! Having more energy and hope gives you a leg up to overcome initial social, personal, habitual, familial obstacles and a lack of knowledge of the religion and experience with its practice. Most importantly, self-knowledge is the greatest challenge, and that’s where everyone goes wrong at some point.

Consider this

It’s important, therefore, to remember that not everyone is at the same wavelength as you, and you may not always have this high yourself. One of the most important lessons I have been taught as I learned more about my deen and what it meant for my life, is that the higher your highs are, the lower your lows will be and that is totally fine. It’s a good sign! If you live in the way that is right for you and your spiritual health, you might end up as a good example for others. Focus on yourself, for now. If you’re starting out; if you’re starting to establish your five daily prayers, take it easy. If you are still learning to commit to reading a small portion of the Quran daily and only just starting to learn the rights of others and yourself, take it easy.

Do you feel this way?

Part of trying to get others to improve too, comes from a feeling of wanting to improve yourself, and bring others up with you, perhaps due to a feeling of inadequacy and a need to catch up. It’s normal! Just remember that Allah is Merciful and there is mercy in this newfound guidance. And with every good thing, there is the possibility to multiply it, so go easy on yourself and others. Part of mercy is moderation too, though. So don’t go out of bounds. You’re trying to pray five times a day, and fast in Ramadan. On the other hand, don’t wait until Ramadan to practice fasting – it can get brutal for first-timers, so take advantage if you have time.

Ideas for Continuous Growth

Always increase in increments, so if you’re not yet praying your five daily prayers as soon as possible when it’s time and with perfection of its words and movements, it’s really not time to start practicing the Sunnah of standing in prayer for the last bit of the night. You probably need to practice getting up for Fajr first, but hey, masha’Allah, it’s a good sign that you have an interest in praying Qiyam. Instead of rushing, enjoy this new inner experience, such beauty you hold! In the meantime, think of how you feel now, and look forward to the future, knowing that if you increase in good, Allah will increase you in even more things and in the best way. Despite intermittent, extra difficulty like the one Allah just relieved you of, if you’re making the effort to better yourself and taking the time to savor your iman when it increases, and nurse it in its decrease, it only gets better from here.

As always, avoid wallowing and drowning, or flying and losing direction and reality. Balance is key, and it keeps you well in every way.

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