Words and Actions Don’t Disappear (Even After They’re Done)

Life is not made up of conditions; it is made from consequence.

Many of us want to believe we had no part to play in the difficulties we face. Which girl would want to admit she lost her best friend because she talked behind her back, which man would ever admit to poaching a client from his business partner whn he wasn’t qualified for the job, causing the company lose its big break? Maybe it’s about holding on to our pride, avoiding the deflation of our ego, or maybe it’s just easier to hide from the truth: whatever you do, it will always turn around to rear its ugly head.

Or it might just smile with wonder and sunshine in the face of a new beginning you never expected after you transformed another person’s life with your purest sincerity, compassion and humility, giving them the tools to be their best selves.

I hope that if the people who have changed my life for the better read this, they will feel that warmth someday, because they have earned it.

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