One day I’ll see eleven

My homes, all of them

One day I’ll meet you in heaven


All accompany

Everything I have known

I will never be alone.

See this is how much I’ve grown.


I don’t really know

What the world holds

In its entirety

All I can is sincerity

And my heart is not pristine

And I’m the first to admit

Only cause I can I’m a human being

Oh but I have just begun.


My eyes are finally starting to see

This sea is slowly parting for me

And I am grateful as much as I know how

And no one can understand.


My life, a fingerprint

Who I am, my experiences

Alone I will always be

Alone my soul will stand

In front of God, so I won’t lie

Cause tomorrow I won’t get to decide

Because the truth will be the only thing that’s real

Anything we have known

Any life we will live

I don’t even know how to forgive

But I will always move to learn to move on


And I know it’s time

Because I finally understand

Because I can finally hear sirens

Because I can finally feel it in my nerves

That send signals jolting me into motion!


I am too awake to be awake,

Too engrossed to be of focus..

I’ve been taken in,

I’ve been taken in!


 I’ve been ruined for some time

I’ll be established for eternity

I choose not to escape

I choose to be here in every moment

Exploring it all within

I don’t need music or man-made heaven,

Cause I’m not truly alone

When with every moment, I’m with Him.

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