Good Days

Sometimes I think
That I’ve had better days
But the good-good days are coming closer
Everybody moves
At their own speed
You can’t keep up with anyone
Sometimes you’ll feel dragged down
You are not unafraid
You are allowed to be scared
You’ll push through this
I know you can

Sometimes you think
That you’ve had better days
But the truly good days are coming closer
You smile so few days
But I know that the most of your worries
Are over
For now
Life gets worse
It gets good
But you can’t rely on fate
To keep you happy
It will always change
It’s fickle

You’re stronger than you know
And for me
There have been days
When it’s hard
To get back up
When you’ve been knocked out
Knocked down to the ground

But you know
Sometimes I think
It’s all over
I’m done
There’s no way out
I’ll speak the truth
I’m not made of iron, steel

I’m human
I fear
I feel pain
I say all of this
To help you understand
Nobody is perfect
Everybody feels varied levels of pain,
Yours may be higher,
But it will make you stronger,
It will change you for the better.

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