The Everyday Risk

It’s worth reiterating, even though we hear it all the time from anyone who made the most of life. Life is about taking risks. First of all, should that not feel terrifying when we hear it? Everything you do is a risk. Maybe it’s too general. So here.

Every breath you take, you could be inhaling carbon monoxide that is enough to kill you. Every time you cross the street, you could be slammed into by an oncoming car. Every day that you are a construction worker, there’s the chance you could get in an accident with your dump truck. Every stroke of my pen, I might be writing the wrong words, overlooking grammatical errors or incurring hate for my highly spiritual and unusual views for this time period.

So much could go wrong.

But if I get out of bed in the morning, and go for a walk earlier rather than rise later for a coffee, I might feel I did something more to achieve a healthy, awakened lifestyle. If I read the Quran, I may feel overwhelmed by how much I have still left to learn, appalled at my tajweed and lack of understanding — but all in due time, one line, perhaps one word at a time. Every day I write more, I get a little closer to excellence. Every day I slack off, I’ve let myself lose a little more beauty that may not reciprocate through that very day’s actions.

Perhaps I should begin that project, or start tutoring a younger loved one on a regular basis. I might not know where to begin. I might not be able to keep it up right away. Or maybe I will. In any case, all I need is to have intention and to be willing to start truly living, and find the best of my being. I know I can be better, I know we all need time, but as my stomach churns with nervousness, so do the cogs turn within my consciousness, and I begin to see a new idea, and a fresh life returning to a beautiful reality.

Because you see, when you take a risk and fall and rise and fall again and rise, so much could go beautiful.

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