CPR of Realization

Worried that I’m detached

Truth is it isn’t an arduous task

And yet I’d like to reattach

Just keeping saying

Tomorrow’s another day

When today should be the place

Where I begin

But the end

Looks like it ain’t any further than the starting line

But I don’t want to wait ‘til I start to flat line

Hypnotized, got to revive, reignite, this can’t be my life!

Inside of me’s a flame

Been lying ’til I’m lame,

Have I been chasin’ fame? No!

Riya’in all the way but now I’ve gotta come back home

Before the door of life starts to close

Oh man I’m stuck here

But struggling isn’t going to pull me

out of the quicksand

I gotta reach out

Let them take my hand

God’s help sent, or who’s else?

Bring out the paddle

Don’t think, just do,

I can hear them coming,

Charge them — go, go, go!

Charge to 200!

I don’t need dollars

When I’m a hundred miles from home

I need dinner and a ride


I need strength and a path and direction

Relay, replay Hadith of the Prophet

Got a dua in my pocket

Wa Allahu Samee’ ul ‘Aleem


I’m losing strength but I’m losing sleep

Gotta get back up on the saddle

Riding horses home, valiant like the sahabah

Awaken life-restoring paddles,

if I’m not done yet

I believe He thinks I’m worth a second or two to repent

450, Charge the paddles

I’m wide awake and finally breathing

In death I received my reason

Gasp as I am savouring oxygen

Not one inside convenience

No, this reason isn’t for a single season

But for all to come

No one stands by my side

Except a soul God set forth

Carried over the defibrillator

Needed God to gift the crash cart

And thereby, I am alive

Someone was sent to move

The winds to move

The clouds to gather

Moisture to water

Let it rain, let it shower

Us in Allah’s Mercy.

Water in my bones,

Water cleanse my heart

It’s black and hard as stone.

Water, if God wills, oh God please let it

Oh God please let me

Make up for this please

This won’t be my last plea

So I won’t say it’s all I’ll ever ask

Not a single request could be my last

And yes for eternity

Yet, you knew that before I came to be

‘Cause it was you

Who said Kun! Fayakun!

Be, and it is!

Kun! Fayakun!

And I am patient, because I have trust.

I am kind, because I received rahma.

I am sincerely successful, because Allah loves me.

I am peaceful, because I have faith.

Kun, Fayakun!

Swallow anger and settle ashes,

Water the flame.

Support sadness and wipe away that anguish,

Water the dying flower, she is weak,

Don’t let her lose a single leaf.

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