Seeing is Believing the Light Will Come

I saw a bright light

It won’t turn me blind

Maybe you’ll feel it’s a flashlight

Blasting your retina

But the truth is, I believe


You try the darkness

Thinking it’s the light

‘Cause it’s sleek, slinks through the night

Like a shiny car, a fancy life

But all you live is only a lonely strife

Your kids struggle, you hate your loving wife


All the ways, you walk away

Unlike how you try to run to younger days

Well, my truth doesn’t crack and fade

From paradise to Paradise,

I walk to the future

As I approach tomorrow

I see it was already rising, arriving, leaving

quicker than a spark of lightning


I tell it, “meet me halfway

I’m not afraid to play

I’m gonna join a race

Don’t leave me in the field

Let me live in honesty

Doing what’s right for me”


I’m not floundering

Ya Allah, never leave me withering

I have had enough

Of speaking around my feelings

The past has left me reeling

And I don’t want to repeat their sins


You see, I was looking at a dream

Thought I was awake

Saw myself inside a hole

From outside, too, started to break

They trapped and chose to go


And how am I supposed to know

That all I have to do is stand

When it’s so dark

The stars that I envision are

From a light head sinking in quicksand

Well then, I’m sure I must be done


But then his words came

That none was alone secluded in a cave

I rose, made dua and realized, pushed the stone aside

The light will come, it’s right in front

It’s black, but not bleak

Because the world doesn’t orbit me

But instead, it flows in perfect formation

‘Round the sun just like the sea

Meets the shore, goes, comes back to me


Just because the light I cannot see

Doesn’t mean Allah didn’t choose for it to be


Just because my Lord I cannot see

Doesn’t mean in His truths I won’t believe

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