Going to Jannah: I’ll meet you there!

“I had a dream last night.” I remarked distantly, then bringing my gaze to Noora when she looked up.

“Good or bad?” she inquired, cautious.

“Good.” I beamed, shaking my head in awe. “So good.”


“Well, it went something like this.” And I began my account.

“I was crossing a tiny bridge, like one of those flimsy, narrow, wooden constructs that built over huge valleys between mountains here on Earth. I saw them underfoot – the ones who didn’t make it, and almost tasted the heat but Allah shielded me enough that it wasn’t painful. Slowly but surely, the pain of even knowing what the fire looked like faded behind me, dissipating into the Fujjar’s new home. A cool breeze picked itself up from somewhere closeby, and my bridge felt sturdier as I inched closer to the lush green place ahead. A scent captured my attention and I paused for a moment that felt like a gorgeous eternity. I ventured over the threshold, and a tall door, opened itself up for me, as it bowed it’s head in humility, allowing the lower green pasture to grow on and around it. The plant’s little blossoms sparkled like pearls – and these were nothing like what you might see on Earth.

“And there they were.”

“Who?” Noora inquired, leaning into the anecdote.

“You. My mother, my family, everyone! You walked over to me and I’ll never forget the conversation we had.” My eyes danced with joyful light. “And then, you know, you walked up to me with this big smile on your face–”

Noora and I laughed. I was nearly overcome with emotion.

“And then – and then, you put your arm around my shoulders and tucked me into a big hug, and whispered in my right ear: ‘you made it, Nevergreen.’ So, I smiled, saying quietly to you: ‘Well, I took your advice. But you knew that already.’

“You laughed again, and this time, my eyes were playfully amused by now, you said..”

Noora was intrigued, a crinkle showing up between her eyebrows briefly. “What did I say?”

“Oh, sweetheart,” I drawled with replicated, graceful delight.


“No, Noora. It’s what you always say.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Noora chuckled.

I nodded. “Then you put your hand out as if you were reaching for a fruit off of one of the trees, and a bouquet of flowers materialized in your hands. You gave it to me, laughing gently, and said, ‘Congratulations, Nevergreen. You’ve joined me in Jannah. Shall we go find the others?’

“And then I made a Dua and a silver box full of bouquets showed up. It was made of  silver but it was the lightest box I’d ever carried. And then I asked Allah to attach Ferrerro Rocher to each bouquet since I remembered people on earth loved it. I tried one and it didn’t taste anything like Earth’s ferrerro. Ohhh my God it was sooooo good! Over there, even by the gates, you could hear the children laughing, the birds cooing. See far ahead into unending vistas just waiting to be explored by the people Allah loves. I couldn’t explain it to you even if I tried.”

Noora grinned and pulled me in for a big hug, this time, in the present.

I grinned as we pulled away. “May Allah grant us entry into Jannah in real life.”

“Ameen, Nevergreen. Ameen.”

“Yeah and we gotta stop daydreaming about meeting up!”

“Oh, sweetheart,” said Noora.

“See? There it is, my friend.”

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